Avonaires Class

This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Psalms 118:24


The Avonaires class has welcomed members to its ranks since 1949 and continues to enjoy participating adults of all ages. We meet every Sunday morning in the lower hall of the Sanctuary, and we study Adult Bible Lessons from the Uniform Series of International bible lessons for Christians. Lively round table discussions occur every Sunday and many views are offered.

The Avonaires Class founded the Ham and Bean Dinner fund raiser more than 50 years ago and attendance form the community at large remains strong. One reason is the fine corn bread we serve-made from a recipe an Avonaire Member (who has been promoted to Glory) used when he cooked for General Patton's Army in World War II. The proceeds from this dinner are used to fund outreach programs in our community.

Our members are leaders in the great success of the Thrift Shop located in the "Little House" and in the 12 years of operation, the Shop has not only benefited poverty stricken people with outright gifts, but has also added more than $90,000 to the church coffers. Our members also run the Food Pantry which helps feed th hungry in our area. Avonaires are also active in civic affairs and other philanthropic endeavors.