Threads of Love

     Threads of Love has joined the ministry of Avondale United Methodist Church! Small groups are meeting to use talents of knitting, crocheting and hand sewing. Through use of these "threads," prayer shawls are created, beautiful Chrismons crafted, and projects of the future can be undertaken. Shawls, providing warmth and comfort to the wearer, have been made for centuries. About ten years ago, Janet Bristow and Vicky Gallo created The Prayer Shawl Ministry. Since inception this ministry of offering healing prayers while creating shawls has touched lives during illness, recovery, at times of loss or in times of joy. Small groups with busy hands and prayerful attitudes are creating these shawls as a means of comfort, caring and support from our entire church family.

**There have been over 200 prayer shawls presented to date!**


Some of our Prayer Shawl recipients.  

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Prayer Shawl to South Africa

  We delivered the prayer shawl for use at the Women's Shelter of Amcare a ministry to persons with HIV/AIDS sponsored by the Alberton United Methodist Church. You can learn more about this ministry by googling "Amcare" 
The picture is of Sally Daily presenting the shawl to the Pastor.

Rev. Jerry Daily


    Participation in Threads of Love is always open. Expect to experience working with a caring group that believes in the power of prayer and the many kinds of healing God offers us. Gathering times are listed on the church calendar. Should you choose to participate by contributing to the cost of "threads," you may certainly do so by noting that on your contribution. And always, your prayers are welcomed and important to this ministry!

Judy Frame
For Threads of Love