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2014 Was Our 100th Anniversary

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A Poem Rejoicing in the 100th Anniversary Year.

by Rev. Kristy and Larry Schmitz

‘Twas the 26th of October, two-thousand fourteen.
Over three-hundred gathered on Avondale’s green.

The trolley was there, to help those in need,
but most made the walk down the hill with fine speed.

The walk to remember, renew, and rejoice
100 years of ministry by folks with loud voice.

Fifty six years since the walk to the “new.”
Some walkers the same, but only a few.

There were Prathers and Taylors and Weisses, by name;
Stuart, Heft, Gamble, Laningham, and Frame;

Joiner, Hart, Garrett, Boman and Jensen,
Dutro, Keeney, Goodman, Fritch-too many to mention!

They walked down the hill while others watched slides
of ministries accomplished, and fun time besides.

“Twas the day long awaited full of worship and food
and songs and old friends and memories good.

The grand culmination of the 100 great years
of a church with a history very rich with smiles and some tears.

Too rich, in fact, to be held in one day:
taking over half a year, beginning back in May.

No, probably March, or even before,
Save-the-Dates cards were mailed to folks by the score.

The mailing list, huge, current members and former:
Three dates to jot down--May, July, and October.

Jesus asks us to serve others and Wesley does, too,
so the Centennial Committee decided that’s what they’d do

100 years AUMC had quietly served KC North:
“Let’s go outside our walls!” the call issued forth.

The congregation is aging, could they possibly get
100 to volunteer? Probably not, but yet. . .

Sign ups were posted--”Please serve where you wish!"
Synergy, Hillcrest, and a community clean-up were all on the list.

And of course folks must eat, so the kitchen was there,
and the entire day surrounded by warriors of prayer.

T-shirts were purchased, with the slogan imprinted
Remember, Renew, Rejoice! 100 Years hinted,

Would 100 sign up? Could that possibly be?
The day finally boasted 4 plus one-fifty-three!

Some dusted, some planted, some cooked, and some prayed.
A dance in the parking lot capped a wonderful day!

The first event over, two months ‘til the next:
Ice cream and missions, with Schmitzes as guests.

Wesley Hall’s walls were surrounded with tables,
showing outreach and mission with pictures and labels.

Larry and Kristy shared their Congo mission to cheers,
but were humbled by comparison to AUMC's volunteers!

A Hundred Years of History--we MUST have a book!
An easy enough task, right? WRONG--take a look!

There are pages of pictures and stories to tell;
too many to thank--and it turned out so well!

100 years! But AUMC's story
is far, far from over: “To God Be The Glory!”

Yes, "To God Be The Glory, Great Things God Has Done,
through this great congregation as we enter year one-hundred and one !